Restructuring of the Information Society policy formation and implementation will enable to reach the target that in 2013 the largest share of public services to people will be available in electronic way


2010 03 19

The Vice-Minister emphasized that the development of public electronic services is one of the Government’s priorities for the year 2010. “Already in 2013 Lithuanian people will be able to receive the most part of services provided by State institutions and municipalities by electronic way”. Shifting of public and administrative services to the electronic space by using the newly established interoperational information infrastructure of public administrative institutional systems will enable to economise more than 50 million Lt,” said Vice-Minister Štaras.   
He informed that until 2011 into the electronic sector should be shifted services of individual enterprises, vehicle registration, drivers‘licensing, environmental certification, charges, social insurance, statistical business information collection and other public services. The e-Government site will provide a possibility to pay for electronic services in real time mode, and the ID will be used as identification means for the delivery of services.