Road construction and renovation from EU funding


2010 01 20


It is planned to asphalt 165 km gravel roads for the sum of almost 190 million LTL. This sum includes not only the costs of asphalting, but also the design works, technical maintenance costs, electricity and communication lines. 

41.5 km roads of national importance and 2 bridges will be reconstructed. Also 21 km of domestic and regional importance roads will be reconstructed. The biggest amount of works will be focused on the main road of Lithuania – the highway  Vilnius–Kaunas–Klaipėda.


Traffic safety will be observed as well. It is planned to start the construction of 10 pedestrian and bicycle paths, as well as to implement 15 measures of traffic safety improvement, such as reconstruction of crossings, erection of curves, setting deceleration and acceleration lanes, and pedestrian crossings.