Road safety engineering problems that were discussed in the Baltic Regional Seminar in Vilnius


2007 12 20


Main attention in the Seminar was focused on traffic safety engineering solutions enabling avoidance of heavy sequences in traffic accidents.

Practices of applying active and passive safety measures on roads were discussed in the Seminar. Participants were also acquainted with the novelties in road marking and road traffic signs, as well as with new solutions of traffic safety methods. Participants were acquainted with European Standard EN 1317 of passive road measures and their application.

Participants of the Seminar were informed about other novelties, such as: new safety requirements for working zones on roads, novelties in road maintenance arrangement, and methods of traffic actors‘ behaviour control on roads. At the end of the Seminar a technical visit was held on main national roads, where an opportunity of practical acquaintance with ongoing projects of road reconstruction was provided.