Road vehicles of new type will reach Lithuanian market more rapidly


2010 08 06

The aforesaid issues of simplification of procedures have been discussed by Vice-Minister Rimvydas Vaštakas together with representatives of the State Road Transport Inspectorate under the Ministry of Transport and Communications, SE Regitra and Lithuanian businessmen of road vehicles business. Efforts are made to find solutions enabling acceleration of State institutions’ work and ability to solve problems faced by representatives of road vehicles’ producers in Lithuania.
“Let us look for optimum ways of accumulation of all necessary information on vehicles reaching the market, and let us try as much as possible to shorten this process as well as reduce the excessive rate of procedures. Hopefully, consideration of experience of other European countries and proposals of businessmen will enable us to find solutions beneficial to the State and businessmen”, said Vice-Minister Vaštakas.
The conformity of transport means is important for ensuring the fact that in the European Community only such vehicles should be sold, registered and operated, which would correspond technical requirements of Directives of the European Parliament and of the Council.