Saved lives in a decade: three times as much


2016 01 08


The Ministry of Transport of Communications of the Republic of Lithuania informs that the number of pedestrian fatalities on roads in 2015 decreased by 32, that is from 106 fatalities in 2014 to 74 fatalities in 2015. The number of deaths on the road resulting from accidents involving drivers over the legal alcohol limit decreased from 45 to 24. The number of railway fatalities is also falling off sharply with a 37 percent decrease over the last 4 years.

„Last year, there were 25 road fatalities less than in 2014. Over the last decade, this number decreased more than 3 times. Without a doubt, this was the result of improved infrastructure and more rigorous traffic control, constant development of road safety culture and close cooperation in promoting awareness of interested institutions“ said Rimantas Sinkevičius, Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania.

Each year, over 250 sections with a high accident concentration of the national road network are being reconstructed and equipped with various road safety measures. Due to this, over the last 7 years, the number of “black spots” decreased from 280 to 37.

Last year, Lithuanian roads were improved: reconstructed 15 crossroads with high accident concentration, increased the security of 35 km long roadsides, illuminated 5 km of sections with high traffic concentration, constructed 18 km of pedestrian and bicycle paths, installed 160 local engineering speed reducing measures.

In 2015, the state introduced a law on 0.00 percent of blood alcohol concentration for a certain group of drivers. In addition, the authorities adopted striker control of authorized speed limit as well as the idea of the drunk drivers rehabilitation program and voluntary use of alcolocks i.e. units preventing drivers from starting the engine unless the driver is fit to drive. On that account, the drink-drivers shall be given the option to choose either driving disqualification or a smaller penalty in case of which they will take part in a rehabilitation program and install alcolocks.

Conclusively, the promotion of the use of reflectors as well as such projects as “Protecting each other in the roads” (“Saugokime vieni kitus kelyje”) and “Road safety in the communities” (“Eismo saugumas bendruomenėse”) were actively pursued last year. Particular attention to the road safety was also given in the media with advertising campaigns on television and radio, road safety promotion in the press and on the internet.