Simplifying the Procedure of Border-Crossing – the Guarantor of Economic and Social Development of Lithuania and other European Countries


2005 10 29


On 18 October, the three-day international meeting of the representatives of border-crossing, customs, the administration of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and railway administration organised by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and Organisation for Railway Co-operation started in Hotel “Europa City” in Vilnius. The meeting focused on the discussions about the preparation for the International Conference on Border-Crossing by Rail.

As Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications Liudmila Zumerienė mentioned in her welcome speech, this international meeting of railway specialists was organised to simplify the work of railway transport in the enlarged Europe . We are at the crossroad of two railway systems, therefore, different documents regulating the transportation of passengers and cargoes are used in our railways. Bringing these documents closer would simplify the border-crossing procedures.

Mrs. Zumerienė is convinced that the documents adopted during this international meeting will increase Lithuania ’s prestige and significance as a transit country in Europe