Spain has awarded the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Lithuania


2005 11 17


On 10 November in Spain the Ministry of Transport and Communications was given an  award “Europa del Transporte” for developing the transport infrastructure. Lithuania’s results (such as two European transport corridors in Lithuania) in both national and EU infrastructure were evaluated.

 The award was established by Spanish magazine “Transporte Profesional” of Haulage Road Transport Confederation (CETM) in 1995 to recognize the activities performed by European countries associations, companies, institutions or individuals in the field of goods transportation by highways

Road Transport Confederation (CETM) unifies 79 associations and federations and 33 thousand transport companies. CETM is a member of Spain Business Organizations Confederation, European transport training association, The European Organization of National Removals Associations, Euro platforms and Short Sea Shipping. .

Before Lithuania Hungary, Czech Republic , Denmark , Germany and Holland were awarded this prize.