Statistics of Lithuania’s road safety is the most optimistic since 1952


2017 01 05


Last year, Lithuanian roads were much safer. The number of road traffic deaths decreased by 21.9 percent compared to 2015 and was the lowest since 1952.

The results of 2016 were influenced by improved road infrastructure, intensive implementation of road safety measures, stricter control of the infringers of the Road Traffic Regulations, and active educational activities.

Last year, more than 250 sections of high accident concentration were reconstructed and various measures to enhance traffic safety were implemented. In the last seven years, the number of accident blackspots on state roads was reduced by more than 10 times: from 280 to 27.

The behaviour of road users was controlled by police officers who regularly stopped irresponsible drivers at different locations in Lithuania and carried out tests for drink-driving every weekend.

Educational activities on road safety have been organised in close cooperation with the authorities concerned.

In 2016, projects such as “Take Care of Each Other on the Road” and “Traffic Safety in Communities” were continued, and people were constantly reminded of using safety reflectors.