The Council of European Union has approved the offer of Lithuania in occasion of transit from the third countries


2005 12 06


On the 5th of December in Brussels took the place the session of the Council of the European Union, in which the questions of development of transport in the Europe were discussed. The delegation of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Lithuania, under the leadership of the Minister Petras Cesna , has taken part there also.

On December, 5th, 2005 in the session of the Council of Transport, Telecommunications and Energy of the European Union the political agreement in occasion of development railway transport of Community has been reached. And also the offer of Lithuania in occasion of transit from the third countries and in the third countries through the territory of Community has been approved there.

Such transit through the territory of the Community is exceptional and specific in the European Union. Therefore Lithuania will be able to regulate the decision of this question with the help of  it’s national legal certificates.

Lithuanian delegation has also welcomed the given contract draft of an air communication between EU and the USA , and also agreed with the decision to give additional authorization EU Commission in negotiations with China in occasion of the conclusion comprehensive contract of air transport.

I think, that it will help to acquire new opportunities in the development of an air communication with all countries of the world, the Minister of Lithuania Transport and Communications Petras Cesna has noticed.