The EU road transport market’s issues to be discussed in the Summit of International Transport Forum


2018 05 22


On May 23–24 Mr. Rokas Masiulis, Minister of Transport and Communications participates in the Annual Summit of the International Transport Forum (ITF) in Leipzig (Germany) and takes part in discussions and sessions about the common European road transport market as well as innovative ideas for improving road safety.

The ministers and representatives of international organizations will discuss at the Round Table how to remove obstacle to fair, safe and effective road transport. It will be discussed about the impact of the European Union’s road transport market’s rules under revision on social and work conditions of drivers, administrative burden of transport companies and transparency of their activities, as well as how to ensure conditions of transparent competition between the carriers of the EU and third parties.

It is planned to discuss in the Ministerial Session the important mechanism created by ITF – the Quality Charter and its requirements for the European countries participating in the quota system of the European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT). Although not all the EU Member States are applying provisions of this Charter for international transport operations, but many countries have already transferred the Charter’s requirements to the national law. The Lithuanian Minister of Transport and Communications is going to express the country’s support to the Charter’s provisions.

“The Quality Charter is the main tool that opens the path for the carriers of the European Union’s Member States to common European road transport market, where uniform requirements, the top-quality standards of vehicles are applied to all the carriers, and where the market’s distortions eliminated. I would like to encourage the European countries to implement the requirements of this Charter and to remove the present reservations and restrictions”, – said Minister R. Masiulis.

The ITF Summit will give big attention to road safety and innovative ideas in this area, too. The Minister R. Masiulis will present the country’s ambition to implement “Vision 0”, the aim of which is to have zero fatalities on the road. Lithuania has progressed a lot in the area of traffic safety during the independence years and has joined other countries in achievement of the closet EU goal – to halve road deaths by 2030.