The First Lithuanian Intermodal Technology Platform Forum in Vilnius


2007 05 22


On 14 May, the first Lithuanian Intermodal Transport Technology Platform forum (LITTP) took place approving the regulations of the council, formulating the leading council structure, designing the topical Platform taskforces, and discussing an operational plan.

The platform operates as incorporation of interests of the Lithuanian transport (railway, automobile, water transport, sea and air port activity), logistics (and other fields of economics), business, and science representatives in order to development the state transport system. 

According to State Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communication Mr. Mačiulis, joining of efforts of scientists, business people, and administrative structures into one platform may help to achieve many objectives and support the state transport and logistics economy in competition within the EU innovative and economic space.

The platform shall contribute to implementation of projects with greater additional value for Lithuanian transport and logistics economics segments employing technology and management innovations.

According to Mr. Mačiulis’ opinion, design of a platform shall encourage the competitive ability of Lithuanian transport and logistics, and accelerate the general growth of the state economics.

While implementing this project, a strategic programme for long-term development of the state intermodal transport and logistics sector will have to be designed and this will be done on the basis of a tripartite—business, science, and state/municipal—cooperation.