The Issues of the Liberalisation of Post and Wholesale Prices for Roaming are Deliberated in the EU Council in Luxembourg


2007 07 16



On 7–8 June 2007, the Lithuanian delegation headed by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications Mr. Alminas Mačiulis took part in the meeting of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council in Luxembourg.

On 7 June 2007, the EU Council of Transport, Telecommunications and Energy discussed the following issues concerning the telecommunications and postal sector: wholesale prices for roaming, radio frequency identification, and the liberalisation of post. Creation of the information society was also discussed.

Participants of the Council congratulated the European Commissioner Mrs. Viviane Reding who suggested regulating the roaming rates at the end of 2005. They also thanked German representatives because during the German presidency the Council of Europe cooperated with the European Commission and Parliament and adopted the Regulation of Wholesale Prices for Roaming. In the short run, the Regulation will be published in the Official Journal of the European Union and become effective. Mobile telephone users will soon feel the positive effect of this regulation.

Representatives of the EU Member States also discussed the issue of the liberalisation of post. Most members of the Community agree that the postal sector should be liberalised. The decision is therefore supposed to be adopted during the Portuguese presidency in the second half of 2007. Head of the Lithuanian delegation Mr. Mačiulis informed the participants of the Council that Lithuania also approved the liberalisation of the postal sector and suggested making the decisions acceptable to all Member States without delay in ensuring legal certainty for all market participants and agreeing on the establishment of the universal mechanism for financing and compensation of postal services.