The Vignette System Introduced in Lithuania as of 1 July


2007 07 16



The vignette system is introduced in Lithuania as of 1 July 2007, which will simplify road tax purchase, administration and control.

The European Union legislation stipulates that the road infrastructure costs have to be covered by road users. The principle “pay-as-you-drive” is being implemented in our country. In other words, owners or managers of taxed vehicles pay the charge only when they drive on highways.

When fixing the road charge amounts, consideration was taken of the damage done by vehicles to the pavement, the duration of using the roads and the increasing demand for the funds for the development of highways network due to the intensively increasing vehicle flows. The vignette (the document of the paid road tax) system for administering (collecting) and controlling of the road tax is introduced as of 1 July.

The road charge amounts are the same – only the payment form changes, i.e. the road tax may be paid or the vignette bought in filling-stations or other places marked with special signs. The tax payment procedure will be much more convenient for the user. The Government also significantly reduced the tax rates for agricultural operators and light goods vehicles as of 1 January 2007.