This year stevedored amounts in Klaipėda Seaport have increased by 18 %


2007 12 20


In the period of January-October of 2007 the amounts of handled freight in Klaipėda Seaport reached 22.8 million tons, i. e. by 17.4 % more than during the respective period оf the last year.

Most rapidly grew the stevedoring of bulk fertilisers (46.3 %), agriculture products (45.5 %), timber and forestry products (45.5 %) and containers (43.0 %). During October 2007 the amounts of freight handling increased to 2.38 million tons, i. e. 26 %, if compared with October 2006. In the period of 2007 the proportions of all types of freight handled were increasing (general, bulk and shuffled, liquid cargo).

The growth of stevedored liquid cargo was determined by the growth of liquid fertilisers’ handling (within January-October of 2006 the amounts reached 0.95 million tons, and within January-October of 2007 the amounts reached 1.32 million tons, i. e. by 39.6 % more). Oil products made 6.09 million tons (i. e. by 4.5 % more).

Stevedoring of bulk fertilisers and agriculture products grew respectively by 46.3 % and 45.5 %. Amounts of handled fertilisers reached over 4.42 million tons. During the latter months a growth of proportions of other bulk cargo handling is observable in the Seaport (agriculture products and forestry products, Ferro-alloys, minerals).

Container handling in Klaipėda Seaport grew by 43 %, and ro-ro units - by 9 %. The increase of ro-ro units was determined by the growth of handling of autotrailers, trailers, individual cars and lorries.