To be held in Vilnius the Global Internet Governance Forum will provide new opportunities for Lithuania


2010 05 20

“The Global Internet Governance Forum to be held in Vilnius provides a particular opportunity for presentation of Lithuania, as a modern country and increasing the influence on the management of social processes, as well as enhancing international business relations in the field of information and communication technologies, attracting the attention of potential investors”, said Vice-Minister Rimvydas Vaštakas.  
According to the Vice-Minister, increasing attention of politicians is necessary for the improvement of internet management, solution of contents development issues, safety and reliability problems. The Global Forum will provide an opportunity to instigate discussions regarding the above-mentioned problems and enable to make solutions meet future requirements and facilitate the tackling of problems in the future.  
Lithuanian business representatives will be able to participate in Forum discussions and present their aspect towards the global topicalities of the internet. Main topics – management of critical information resources, openness and privacy, access and diversity, internet management development, internet management and the future. During the event, discussions will be also held regarding such advanced technologies as cloud computing of data, software in the internet.  
The Global Internet Governance Forum in Vilnius is arranged by the United Nations Secretariat General and by Lithuanian partners – the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Information Society Development Committee.
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