Transport privileges will apply for students during summer vacation as well


2008 07 31


The Ministry of Transport and Communications reminds that from 1 July, to students that are studying at higher schools of Lithuania and other EU member states will apply reduced transport tariffs during the time of summer vacations as well.  



According to the amendments of the Law on Transport Privileges, reduced transport tariffs will apply for the whole year to high school full-time students, also for full-time students of professional training schools, for students of the NationalMikalojusKonstantinasČiurlionisSchool of Arts and students of conservatoires. For the above-mentioned a 50 % discount is applied for onetime tickets to long-distance regular transportation buses, onetime or terminal nominal tickets to local (suburban) regular traffic buses and passenger trains, and regular traffic ships or ferries.        

The amended Law also unifies the conditions for higher school students from Lithuania and citizens of other EU member states. Young people of these countries studying in full-time departments of higher schools in EU member states receive the same privileges of passenger transport as the full-time students of Lithuanian higher schools. For buying the discounted ticket students of EU higher schools have to present International Student Identity Card and personal identification document proving the EU citizenship of the traveller. 
For using local (urban and suburban) regular bus transport, trolley-buses or passenger trains students have the right to purchase a terminal nominal ticket with 80 % discount, and a onetime ticket with 50 % discount.