Vital transport issues discussed at international conference in Vilnius


2016 06 16


Lithuania which holds the presidency of Euro Contrôle Route (ECR) in Vilnius hosted the international conference “The synergy of the European Commission and ECR in shaping the future of road transport”. The conference was aimed at bringing together those responsible for making and implementing decisions in the field of international road transport, establishing relations and strengthening cooperation.

“Road transport is one of the most developed and internationally integrated Lithuanian industries. It is vital for us to ensure that the processes of European economic integration in the EU transport sector embrace Lithuania’s economic and social realities of this field. Today our state has a great opportunity to highlight the needs of the Lithuanian transport sector and national problems at the highest level,” Lithuanian Minister of Transport and Communications Rimantas Sinkevičius stated at the conference.

According to Mr Sinkevičius, the increasing development of the road transport market leads to more fierce competition, therefore, in some cases goods and passenger transport services are provided by ignoring regulations. “I think that one of the European Commission’s goals is to regulate the standards of carriers’ conduct in commercial transactions both at national and international level in order to create fair competition in the market,” pointed out Mr Sinkevičius.

The conference discussed the importance of cooperation between the European Commission and ECR in developing the European road transport market and enhancing road safety, the influence of the processes of the European economic integration on the development of road transport, the problems of the impact of the liberalisation of the road transport market on the internal markets of EU member states, and the role of intelligent transport systems in ensuring road safety.   

The conference was attended by the representatives or their authorised persons of the competent institutions of the European Commission, EU member states, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia as well as the representatives of international and national carrier associations.

ECR is an organisation uniting European transport inspection services. Lithuania joined ECR in 2010. Currently ECR has 14 member countries and four observer countries.  

At the end of the conference the State Road Transport Inspectorate under the Ministry of Transport and Communications which represents Lithuania handed over the presidency of ECR to Luxembourg.