With EU support 165 km gravel roads will be asphalted in Lithuania next year


2009 12 17


“During the economically difficult period we are in a hurry to use the EU aid, thus we make all efforts to implement our planned projects”. People are waiting for the road pavement. We are already totally ready for asphalting of gravel roads and the works will start when only the weather conditions will be adequate. The asphalted roads will improve the living and business conditions in Lithuanian regions. The EU investment will directly contribute to the stabilisation of economy and will save job places for people in Lithuania”, said Minister of Transport and Communications, Eligijus Masiulis.

Until November 2010 it has been planned to implement 6 projects of gravel roads asphalting in the East and West Lithuanian regions. The total amount of gravel stretches reaches 45 roads. The largest proportion of works should be finished until the end of the summer.

As Minister Masiulis says, the benefits of asphalted roads will be felt by people of settlements and villages – the air pollution will be reduced, the level of dust and noise emission will be lower, and the traffic safety will increase. Furthermore, cost efficiency will be higher – the maintenance of roads covered by asphalt will be simpler, thus the road maintenance costs will be reduced.   

Asphalting of gravel roads will be beneficial for leisure purposes around the beautiful landscapes of Lithuania. For example, almost 7.5 km section of road along the Southern coast of the Nemunas River in Šakiai region (linking the settlements of Rupinai–Jadagoniai–Pavilkijys–Kriūkai) will be paved by asphalt. Similar length road sections will be asphalted around the laky vicinities of Molėtai and Anykščiai. The newly to be asphalted roads between Bijutiškis and Dubingiai will enable a convenient connection with the Lakes of Stirnava and Berža. In Anykščiai region a road going from Burbiškis via Rubikiai, Dusynas and Mūšėjus Lakes to Mačionys will be asphalted as well. 

The total value of the projects reaches almost 190 million LTL. This sum comprises not only asphalting works, but also the costs of project works, technical maintenance, laying the electricity and communication lines. The sum of 182.7 million LTL for all the planned works will be allocated from the EU Structural support of the period 2007-2013.