Within the period of five years the amount of data broadcasted by the mobile broadband communication will increase by 40 times


2010 09 17

At the seminar “Development and mobile broadband” Mr Mikael Bäck, Vice-President of Ericsson, said that after 10 years most appliances will have possibilities to be linked with the Internet by mobile broadband communication. 
“In 2020, with the help of intelligent telephones we will be able not only to browse the Internet, but also to manage taxes, participate in video conferences or buy foodstuffs. Domestic cinecameras with Internet communication links will enable real time view broadcasting in the Internet. The development of broadband communication will also facilitate the environmental safety and cost-efficiency of travelling, as many business meetings will be held in the virtual space”, said Mr. Bäck.
Mr. Robert Pepper, Cisco Vice-President, said that within the period of future five years the amount of data transmitted by the mobile broadband channels will increase by 40 times. 
“These trends show that more and more everyday functions will be performed via the Internet. The absolute majority of scientists, business representatives and politicians agree that the development of communication technologies is a necessary but not the only precondition for the progress of society”, said Mr. Pepper.
The global Internet Management Forum IGF–2010held on 14-17 September in Vilnius, at Lithuanian Exhibition and Convention Centre Litexpo, was organised by the United Nations and the Ministry of Transport and Communications. According to the UN data, the IGF–2010 was attended by 1879 participants form 105 countries of the world.