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2019 09 05
Bilateral meetings with Latvian, Polish and Hungarian ministers focus on the EU Mobility Package and joint transport projects

Mr. Jaroslav Narkevič, Minister of Transport and Communications, held bilateral meetings with the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Latvian and Polish ministers responsible for transport during the International Economic Forum in Krynica (Poland) to discuss the...

2019 08 21
The Ministry of Transport and Communications welcomes the new Minister - Jaroslav Narkevič

After approval of a newly appointed members of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, Jaroslav Narkevič, the Minister of Transport, enters into office. Today, the new Minister was introduced in the Ministry of Transport by the Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis.

2019 08 13
Ministry of Transport and Communications aims to ensure the functioning of eSIM and enable remote activation of mobile services

Taking into account the progress of mobile communication technologies and modern trends, the Ministry of Transport and Communications aims to ensure the possibility to use the embedded mobile subscriber identity modules eSIM in Lithuania, that would replace standard SIM cards. The new...

2019 07 24
R. Masiulis: “The newly elected European Parliament should review the provisions of EU Mobility Package”

Today, in Brussels, for the first time since the new European Parliament (EP) was elected, ministers of Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania, who are responsible for transport sector, are meeting with Sanna Marin, the Minister of Transport of Finland chairing the Council of the European...

2019 05 21
Lithuanian minister urges European countries to open their road haulage markets and remove existing restrictions

In defence of interests of the Lithuanian carriers Mr. Rokas Masiulis, Minister of Transport and Communications urges European countries to open their road haulage markets and remove existing restrictions. The issue will be discussed at the Annual Summit of the International Transport Forum (ITF) taking...

2019 05 14
Long-term Lithuania’s vision for transport and communications will be defined by a new development strategy until 2050

In order to provide optimum long-term directions and priorities for the development of the sector, the Ministry of Transport and Communications initiates the strategy for the development of Lithuanian transport and communications until 2050. Various possible scenarios for the development will...

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