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Players and teams of EuroBasket 2011 invite Lithuanian citizens to drive safely
2011 08 31
Players and teams of EuroBasket 2011 invite Lithuanian citizens to drive safely

Participants of the European Basketball Championship, EuroBasket 2011, will join the campaign on road safety running under the motto “We play and drive by the rules”, which is held in Lithuania for the first time.

2011 08 30
At the meeting of transport ministers – attention to ecological transport

In Reykjavik, Iceland, during the Annual Meeting of Transport Ministers of Northern and Baltic countries, discussions were held regarding the development of environment-friendly transport and relevant issues of aviation concerning problems caused by volcano ash clouds.

2011 08 26
The renewed Palanga Airport becomes more attractive to passengers and airline companies

Modernisation of passenger terminal, another step of EU funded reconstruction at Palanga International Airport, has been completed recently. The terminal will have the capacity of servicing both passengers from Schengen countries and those not belonging to the Schengen zone.

2011 08 22
Disengaged Russian frequency diapason – for the development of broadband communication

During the negotiations with the Russian Federation regarding the radio frequencies Lithuania agreed with Russia on the opening of 790–862 MHz diapason. This frequency diapason is among the most valuable available frequencies, as it carries at long distances. The disengaged open diapason of frequencies will facilitate the development of electronic services for the sake of growth of information society.

2011 08 17
The Government reduced port charges at Šventoji port

The Cabinet of Ministers newly approved lower port charges at Šventoji port.

2011 08 11
Rail Baltica: first section completed

First portion of works completed on the Rail Baltica railway section Šeštokai–Mockava has been presented recently. 7.5 km railway section has been reconstructed by paralleling the narrow European gauge and wide railway gauge lines. Three bridges of the section have been reconstructed as well. Total value of the completed works – 21.7 million LTL.

2011 08 10
Amounts of serviced passengers return to the former highest level in Lithuanian airports

The rapid growth of passenger traffic, which is continuing for the second year already, returns Lithuania to the level of the year 2008, the record year regarding the amount of serviced passengers.

2011 08 02
Best Europa Stamp Competition is drawing to a close

The election time is expiring for those who wish to vote for the postage stamp created by Lithuanian artist Valdonė Bručienė participating in the EUROPA stamp best design competition. The result of the voting for the most beautiful postage stamp will be announced in October.

2011 07 26
Vilnius Airport greets the first passengers to Dortmund

The map of summer flights of Vilnius International Airport (VIA) has been supplemented by a new destination: from 26 July the Wizz Air Airlines are operating flights to Dortmund Airport. On this occasion VIA Managing Director Tomas Vaišvila said: “Today Vilnius Airport greeted the first passengers flying to Dortmund. We are delighted that the 14th base opened by Wizz Air at Vilnius Airport is successful, and we hope that this is not the last time we can greet the passengers on the occasion of new Wizz Air routes”

2011 07 25
Lithuanian coastline bike paths – a segment of EuroVelo 13 and Iron Curtain Trail

In future the section of Lithuanian coastline bike paths from the Latvian border to Nida will be developed as a segment of the international cycle route network EuroVelo 13 and Iron Curtain Trail. Presentation of this project to the Lithuanian Ministry of Transport was made by Michael Cramer, Member of the European Parliament.

2011 07 15
Lithuania wants a more active role of the European Commission in the negotiations with Russia

"Lithuania would expect the European Commission to represent the interests of the European Union more frequently in negotiations with Russia", stated Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr. Eligijus Masiulis, in his meeting with the Vice-President of the European Commission, Mr. Siim Kallas.

2011 07 15
Mr. Eligijus Masiulis: The European Commission could speed up the Rail Baltica construction in neighbouring countries

Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr. Eligijus Masiulis, considers that the European Commission should pay more attention to the Rail Baltica project, because certain countries have been working quite passively regarding the European gauge construction. The Minister of Transport and Communications discussed the progress of Rail Baltica implementation with Mr. Siim Kallas, EC Vice-President and Commissioner responsible for transport issues, during his visit in Vilnius.

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