Digital Innovation Network (DIGINNO)


The Ministry of Transport and Communications is a partner in DIGINNO.

Digital Innovation Network’s objective is to advance the digital economy and to speed up the process of moving towards the single digital market in the Baltic Sea Region. The project aims to increase the capacity of policymakers, industry associations and industrial SMEs to enable faster and more efficient uptake of digital solutions both in public and private sector. The focus specifically is on promoting uptake of ICT in the business sector, developing innovative and interoperable digital public services and facilitating Digital Single Market related policy discussions on the Baltic Sea Region level.


The project is divided into four work packages:

WP1: Project management and administration

WP2: Industry 4.0 - Digital Transformation of Industry

WP3: Digitalization of cross-border government to business (G2B) public services.

WP4: Digital policy network for the Baltic Sea Region

Main outputs:

  • Company digitalization toolkit for SMEs
  • 4 show-case models of G2B cross-border e-services (incl. feasibility analyses and proofs of concept)
  • Policy recommendations White Paper

+  as an important output:​

  • An active cross-sectoral BSR industry digitalization community


    Duration: 01 October 2017 – 30 September 2020 (36 months)

    Total budget: 3,5 MEUR (EU funds, Baltic Sea Region Programme, 85 percent)


  • 15 full partners (EE 3, FI 1, PL 1, NO 1, LV 2, LT 4, SE 1, DK 2)

  • 9 associated partners (GE 2, FIN 2, SE 3, NO 2)

  • Lead Partner – Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia

    Project website: https://www.diginnobsr.eu/





Last updated: 02-12-2019