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2022 12 09
2022 in transport and communications sector: launch of new stages of Via Baltica and Rail Baltica strategic projects, initiation of development of electromobility, smarter corporate governance

The year 2022 in the transport and communications sector of Lithuania was marked by strategic infrastructure projects such as the launch of the new stages of Via Baltica and Rail Baltica, and the ...

2022 12 07
Rail Baltica: Specific Territories Planned for the Construction of Infrastructure Maintenance Depots

Territorial planning in the framework of the implementation of the Rail Baltica project continues — the concrete solutions for the railway infrastructure maintenance depots of Panevėžys and Kaunas are being made public.

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2022 12 06
Rail connection with Klaipėda included in the trans-European transport network

The Transport, Telecommunications and Energy (TTE) Council on Monday adopted a general approach on the trans-European transport network (TEN-T) regulation, which provides for the development of a new European gauge railway line to Klaipėda, including the line in the relevant TEN-T maps.

2022 11 18
Lithuania Joins International Efforts to Achieve Zero-Emissions Target of Freight Vehicles

Lithuania joins the international initiative to promote the target of zero emissions of medium and heavy-duty vehicles and related infrastructure. This was set out in the International Memorandum of Understanding initiated by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and signed in Lithuania by the Minister Marius Skuodis.

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2022 11 08
LTG Cargo's first intermodal test train to run to Italy

LTG Cargo, the freight branch of Lietuvos Geležinkeliai (LTG) Group, extends the existing international routes and is going to launch regular services to Italy – the company’s first intermodal test train has been put into operation to leave for the port of Trieste.

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2022 10 28
First contract for the reconstruction of the Via Baltica section from Marijampolė to the Polish border came into effect

The contract of the Lithuanian Road Administration on the reconstruction of the A5 section Kaunas–Marijampolė–Suvalkai (Via Baltica) between 72.50 km and 79 km came into effect. Construction on the section is expected to get underway this year with the estimated completion date set for the next ...

2022 10 21
Awards for the best green mobility solutions handed out at the Transport Innovation Forum

Lithuania's greenest solutions were evaluated at the Transport Innovation Forum in Vilnius: from water buses to air pollution-measuring parcel machines.

2022 10 21
Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications A. Vaiciukevičiūtė: Hydrogen-powered vehicles soon to roll on the streets of Lithuania

When it comes to accelerating the transition to clean energy, hydrogen is increasingly mentioned among other renewable resources. Hydrogen-powered vehicles are on the rise in Europe, and a test train run has already taken place in Germany. 

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2022 10 20
Special focus on strategic communication projects and promotion of innovation in the Baltic region at the International Forum of transport ministers

To ensure the competitiveness of the entire transport system of the Baltic region, it is necessary to further improve the countries’ transport connections with Western Europe.

2022 10 18
It is already known through which territories the Rail Baltica railway will be built on the Kaunas-Vilnius section

Another stage of the Rail Baltica railway territory planning has been completed – the specific territories, plots of land and their parts through which the Rail Baltica railway line will pass on the Kaunas-Vilnius section have been determined. All interested parties have the opportunity within two ...

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2022 10 10
The ICAO Assembly condemns Belarus in its resolution over the forced landing of the Ryanair plane in Minsk in May 2021

At the session that took place in Canada on 7 October, the Assembly of the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) adopted a resolution condemning the actions of the Government of the Republic of Belarus in committing an act of unlawful interference that deliberately ...

2022 10 05
Starting November – more opportunities for Lithuanian public transport passengers with individual needs

The Ministry of Transport and Communications aims to make public transport in Lithuania convenient for every passenger without exception. Therefore, as of 1 November, public transport vehicles – buses, trolleybuses and passenger ships – registered for the first time will have to be adapted for disabled persons and ...

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