Bilateral meetings with Latvian, Polish and Hungarian ministers focus on the EU Mobility Package and joint transport projects


2019 09 05

Ministras J_Narkevic Ekonomikos forume.jpg

Mr. Jaroslav Narkevič, Minister of Transport and Communications, held bilateral meetings with the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Latvian and Polish ministers responsible for transport during the International Economic Forum in Krynica (Poland) to discuss the issues of the European Union’s Mobility Package and cooperation of countries in implementation of the projects “Rail Baltica”, “Via Baltica” and “Via Carpatia”.

Lithuania agrees with the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mr. Péter Szijjártó, Latvian Minister of Transport, Mr. Talis Linkaits, and the Polish Minister of Infrastructure, Mr. Andrzej Adamczyk, that former position of the European Parliament regarding the Mobility Package was adopted too hastily, without having looked deeper into the situation and without having analysed consequences for the European economics.

“It is important to join efforts to coordinate the actions with Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, in order to safeguard review of the European Parliament’s position on the Mobility Package. We have to attempt together to expand the circle of like-minded countries and to continue discussions about the Mobility Package in the newly elected European Parliament. The provisions that are remote from the initial goals of the European Commission, do not comply with the EU common market’s principles, and do not contribute to better work conditions of drivers, have to be rejected,” – said Mr. J. Narkevič, Minister of Transport and Communications.

Mr. J. Narkevič, Minister of Transport and Communications, discussed the essential aspects of the Mobility Package that cause worries in the bilateral meetings: demand to return periodically the truck to its registration country, lack of rest infrastructure for drivers on the European roads, and division of the EU transport market by introducing double standards for work trips of drivers.

“I believe that after the composition of the European Parliament has changed by 60 percent and new coordinators of this issue have entered the stage, it will be possible to reassess these elements and to find balanced decisions that would reinforce the sector of road transport, and accordingly the EU economy,” – said Minister J. Narkevič.

Mr. J. Narkevič, Lithuanian Minister of Transport and Communications, also discussed implementation of the project “Rail Baltica” and perspectives of closer cooperation of the countries while forming flows of cargoes and passengers and using the present infrastructure, in the bilateral meetings with the Latvian and Polish ministers. They also exchanged opinions about ensuring of the EU financing for this project in the future.

With regard to road transport, further modernization of the highway “Via Baltica” while applying the same standards for all the countries was discussed and it was agreed about common support for expansion of the road transport corridor “Via Carpatia” and joint actions while creating smart North-South transport corridor on the basis of 5G technology.