Lithuania is getting ready for essential digitization of the sector of transport and logistics


2020 11 05


In response to the initiative of the European Union, Lithuania is going to digitize rapidly its sector of transport and logistics, and is also inviting other countries from the Baltic Region and the Eastern Partnership to cooperate. Today the ministers of transport are going to discuss joint actions and confirm them by joint declaration in the course of the International Transport Innovation Forum held in Vilnius under the topic “Digital Transformation in Logistics: Trends That Will Play a Key Role in the Future”.


The ministers of transport and high officers from the Baltic states, Poland and countries of the Eastern Partnership are going to discuss the topic “Building the Future of Digital Transport Corridors through Transnational Cooperation” during the ministerial session. The discussion will be attended by Adina Vălean, European Commissioner for Transport, politicians, experts of information relations and technologies (IRT), and business representatives.


Gytis Mažeika, Lithuanian Vice-Minister for Transport and Communications, notes that the number of documents printed on paper remains big in the transport sector. Their processing is time-consuming and expensive, thus a safe and reliable mode to exchange the electronic data is needed.


“It’s a pleasure for me to say that the Baltic states and Poland are creating an electronic consignment note, a prototype for e-CMR. Our purpose is to create a paper-less prototype for e-CMR for international logistics and we are ready to share this experience with the neighbours. I am sure that now, when electronic documents used for freight transport are becoming reality, it is necessary to strengthen cooperation in the area of digital economics. The Baltic states, Poland and countries of the Eastern Partnership have a unique possibility to become leaders in digital logistics and thus, to increase the competitiveness of our regions”, – told G. Mažeika, Vice-Minister for Transport and Communications.


The inter-ministerial Declaration on Digital Freight Transport Data Exchange among the Eastern Baltic Sea Region and Eastern European Partners is going to be signed during the Forum on the initiative of Lithuania. This declaration will create conditions for further strengthening of cooperation between the Baltic Region and the Eastern countries in the area of digital economics in order to accelerate the expansion of transport corridors to the countries of the Eastern Partnership.


“It should be noted that not only public sector is interested in introduction of digital solutions in the area of transport and logistics in Lithuania. The big interest of busines community and willingness to participate are manifested. Therefore, the Ministry of Transport and Communications is initiating a regional digital transport think tank together with the representatives from the areas of information relations and technologies and logistics”, – says Vice-Minister G. Mažeika.


According to the Vice-Minister, one of the goals of this think tank is to prepare concrete trends for investments under Recovery and Resilience Facility of the European Union so that these investments could bring as big benefit as possible.