Lithuania ranks second in the EU in terms of road safety progress


2017 01 18

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According to the preliminary 2016 road safety statistics, among 28 EU countries Lithuania ranks second after the Czech Republic in terms of progress made in reducing the number of road deaths. The preliminary data shows that the Czech Republic and Lithuania were only two countries in the EU that succeeded to reduce the number of road deaths during the year by more than a fifth – 26.2% and 22.3%, respectively.

The progress achieved by Lithuania reflects a long-term trend, according to the data of 2010–2016. During this period Lithuania maintained its second position in terms of a reduction in the number of road deaths, lagging behind Portugal by just a few percentage points. The data shows that during this period the number of road deaths in Portugal fell by 40.2% and in Lithuania 37.1%, followed by Norway (35.7%), Greece (35.1%), the Czech Republic (32.0%) and Slovakia (31.4%).

According to statistics, the number of road accidents in Lithuania increased by 8% in 2016, year-on-year. However, the country has achieved significant progress in reducing the number of road deaths, from 242 in 2015 to 188 in 2016. Even more progress has been made in reducing child road casualties: the number of children killed in road accidents dropped by 41.7% in 2016, from 12 in 2015 to 7 in 2016.

In the opinion of traffic safety specialists, it is necessary to make more efforts and take extra measures to ensure that the trend of decreasing road fatalities observed in the past years continues into the future. This year Lithuania is going tackle dangerous driving behaviour, improve pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure and continue the implementation of other traffic safety measures.