Lithuania seeks to improve the shuttling conditions for the combined transport train “Viking”


2008 04 18



On 4-5 March, in Odessa (Ukraine), a delegation headed by Arvydas Vaitkus, Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, participates in the meeting of experts on the improvement of shuttling conditions for the combined transport train “Viking”.   

Lithuania proposes for Ukrainian and Belorussian partners to discuss the tariffs and conditions of separate segments of the “Viking” route sections, and to look at opportunities for shortening of time customs procedures, thus seeking to decrease the idle time of the train in Odessa and Ilyichovsk ports.    


At the meeting in Odessa also discussed was an opportunity of attracting to this joint project of Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine new companies involved in transportation of containers in the Black Sea region. Also possible participation of Turkish logistics companies in the project was discussed.