Lithuanian and Belarussian Ministers discussed cooperation plans beneficial for economics of both countries


2019 10 03


The Lithuanian Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr. Jaroslavas Narkevičius, met the Belarussian Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr. Alexey Avramenko, in Minsk, where the Belarussian Transport Week XIII is held. The main topics of the meeting were cooperation of the countries in carriage of goods and passengers, development of infrastructure of border checkpoints, and international navigation on the river Nemunas.

“The Lithuanian and Belarussian transport relations have big potential that is important for economy of both states. One of the most successful joint projects is a container train “Viking”. The amount of goods carried by this train has increased even by 20 percent. We see a perspective to organize regular routes of high-speed trains between Lithuania and Belarus to carry goods. We will join efforts to attract more transit goods from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Lithuania is also ready to provide effective logistic services for the Great Stone industrial park”, – said Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr. J. Narkevičius.

It was stressed in the meeting of Ministers that flows of goods between Lithuania and Belarus are growing gradually. If compared to last January-August, this year the number of carried goods has increased by 6,8 percent in the same period. The majority of goods carried from Belarus to Lithuania consist of chemical and mineral fertilizers, oil and its products, mineral products, wood, and ferrous metals.

“It is a pleasure to speak about successful cooperation of the Lithuanian and Belarussian railways. The Lithuanian transport system may offer flexible decisions and safeguard favourable conditions for carriage of goods of the Belarussian manufacturers. We may work not only with usual goods, but also flows of goods that could be higher by 30 percent”, – said Minister J. Narkevičius.

During his visit in Belarus, the Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr. J. Narkevičius, met Mr. Ivan Golovat, CEO of one of the largest exporters and manufacturers of potassium fertilizers, company “Belaruskalij”. They discussed volumes of the company’s shipments. The long-term cooperation contracts for carriage of goods from Belarus to Klaipeda State Seaport were signed with “Belaruskalij”, “Grodno azot”, Belarussian oil company. The work with other Belarussian exporters is continued. Close cooperation with the Belarussian railways is maintained all the time, while planning flows of goods, carrying goods, improving service of customers, and coordinating prices.

Modern electric trains have been carrying passengers between Vilnius and Minsk since 2017. The flow of passengers has been growing all the time – if compared to the first eight months of last year, the number of passengers travelling between two capitals ha increased by 13 percent this year. Lithuania and Belarus are going to shorten the time spent to pass the border even more in the future and to improve conditions of international travels.

The majority of trucks (almost half of the whole flow) going from Lithuania to Belarus by roads pass through Medininkai border checkpoint (BCP). As the transport flows are growing all the time, Lithuania and Belarus are going to increase capacity of Medininkai and Kamennyj Log border checkpoints and to arrange 8 lanes instead current 4 on the road from Medininkai BCP to the border of the State of Belarus. The main modernization works of Medininkai BCP are planned for 2019-2023.

In order to improve navigation conditions, the experts of the Lithuanian and Belarussian ministries of transport and communications are going to discuss and amend the agreement signed by both governments in 2007 on navigation by inland waters, as they aim to create possibilities for regular international routes Grodno – Druskinininkai – Grodno.