Lithuania's Presidency of International Transport Forum to bring together representatives from 50 countries in Vilnius this week

Week-long events of the International Transport Forum (ITF) kick off today, Monday, in Vilnius, with a gathering of representatives of the Transport Ministries, academia and business from more than 50 countries.

Vilnius is hosting a meeting of the ITF Transport Management Board, as well as meetings of members of the ITF Transport Research Committee, which conducts transport research activities, and of the Corporate Partnership Board, which brings together 32 global businesses. ITF representatives will also visit Lithuanian companies during the ITF working group sessions in Vilnius.

In May 2023, Lithuania took over the Presidency of this global transport organisation. Lithuania's Presidency of the ITF will last one year. Lithuania will hand over the Presidency to Chile at the ITF Summit in Leipzig (Germany) in May next year.

In September, Young Tae Kim, Secretary-General of this organisation, visited Vilnius and met with members of the Seimas, the Chancellor of the Government, the Minister of Transport and Communications, Marius Skuodis, and the President's team of advisors.

The International Transport Forum under the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an intergovernmental organisation with 66 member countries. The core of the organisation comprises European countries, but members also include countries from Asia, Africa, North and South America. Lithuania joined the ITF in 1992.

It is the only global forum that brings together transport policymakers, practitioners and analysts from around the world, and covers all modes of transport.