National management model of International airports is changing with the view of more efficient operation


2010 08 25

“We have initiated the new model of airports‘ management with the aim to provide better conditions for efficient operation. International practices show that airports managed by the State are usually not sufficiently oriented toward the commercial activity, in their management does not participate the private capital, which would add efficiency. At present, in Europe more often the main objective of management in airports is considered to be profitability, i. e. not only the factor of constant passenger flows is observed. Therefore, often airports are put on auctions and private capital is attracted”, said Vice-Minister Rimvydas Vaštakas.
Last year the operation of all the three national airports was loss-making. The Ministry of Transport and Communications considers that the loss-making of airports was mostly determined by the existing management model, which does not allow quick important solutions for an efficient organisation of work, flexible management of property of enterprises and attraction of private resources.
It is planned that after the rearrangement of airport management to joint-stock companies, the land sites used by them would remain the State property, and infrastructure – aerodromes, premises of specific destination and equipment –should be invested in the authorised capital of the newly established companies. The only shareholder of the companies should be the State.  
It should be noted that in EU member states the legal form of most enterprises managing the airports is that of the joint-stock company.