Starting development of compressed biogas infrastructure in Lithuania: at least 30 biogas points to be installed

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has launched a call for project implementation plans for compressed biogas filling stations in Lithuania, with a budget of EUR 6.9 million. It is expected that at least 30 service (biogas) points with stations will be installed as a result of the support.

The installation of public biogas filling stations with stations adapted for filling with biomethane or other biogas and the replacement of polluting vehicles with alternative fuels and the development of the necessary public filling infrastructure is a necessary in order to achieve national and EU transport greening targets, as road transport is responsible for as much as 95% of the total pollution in transport.

“There is a strong need in the market to promote the use of non-fossil-fuel vehicles. In this context, the Ministry of Transport and Communications aims to increase the use of less polluting vehicles by developing the necessary refuelling infrastructure. Promoting the development of these filling stations is a new, important and long-awaited step, which will allow for a wider use of more environmentally friendly vehicles”, says Agnė Vaiciukevičiūtė, Vice-Minister of Transport and Communications.

Eligible applicants are legal entities with the right to carry out economic activity. The maximum amount that can be awarded to an applicant is up to EUR 200,000. The project is funded under the economic recovery and resilience plan Next Generation Lithuania (NGL).

Applications for projects to install public compressed biogas filling points are open until 30 September 2024: https://www.esinvesticijos.lt/kvietimai/viesuju-suslegtu-bioduju-pildymo-stoteliu-pritaikytu-pildyti-biometanu-irengimas

The Ministry of Transport and Communications is working on a funding schedule and also plans to launch a call for over €10 million this year to encourage the procurement of biogas-powered heavy-duty vehicles.