The Lithuanian and Polish Ministers of Transport agree about closer cooperation and sign the memorandums


2020 09 24


The Lithuanian Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr. Jaroslav Narkevič, and the Polish Minister of Infrastructure, Mr. Andrzej Adamczyk, who is visiting Vilnius, discussed today the expansion of the infrastructure connecting the countries, implementation of the project Rail Baltica, common actions about the Mobility Package, and impact of the Belorussian political crisis on the transport sector. The ministers also signed today the memorandum of cooperation in implementation of the project Rail Baltica, and a letter of intent on cooperation in improvement of road infrastructure in the border region.


“Lithuania and Poland have close relations of neighbours. When we are reacting to international topicalities, implementing joint projects or developing communication infrastructure between the countries, we often notice that we have to think and act not as individual countries but as a region. I believe that we are and will be strong and united partners, who can achieve more together for the benefit of both States”, said Minister of Transport and Communications, J. Narkevič.


“Dynamic growth of national economies would not be possible without a good transport infrastructure. Without high-quality communications, citizens would not experience positive economic development. Therefore, I would like to thank the governments and ministries of Lithuania and Poland for their strong resolve to implement strategic projects in both countries. I wish Lithuania and Poland continues to grow their economies as a result of our countries’ proactive initiatives in the area of transport”, told Andrzej Adamczyk, the Polish Minister of Infrastructure.


One of the most important aspects of cooperation are united actions of the countries in reaction to the Mobility Package adopted this July. In order to defend the national economic interests and to protect the carriers’ business from unequal competition conditions, the Lithuanian Government decided on the 2nd of September to refer to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) and to dispute the lawfulness of the provisions of the Mobility Package, and to endeavour at annulment of provisions unfavourable to Lithuania. The group of similarly thinking countries is going to undertake the same actions. “Poland’s active involvement and support of our demands will be especially important for the success of this initiative and for the final result of this case. We are also ready to support the Polish initiatives and actions in the fight for the rights of road carriers”, stressed Minister J. Narkevič.


While considering the impact of the Belorussian political crisis on the transport sector, the ministers stressed that it is necessary to cooperate solidly in the region in order to ensure smooth transportation of passengers and goods.


When the ministers were discussing Rail Baltica, they agreed that the countries will put all the efforts to cooperate more actively in this project and to implement it according to the established schedule. According to Minister J. Narkevič, Lithuania and Poland are ready the most to build and start operating the railway Rail Baltica on time. Lithuania plans to finish the project in 2026 if the EU financing is received on time. The Lithuanian and Polish ministers consolidate joint actions by the memorandum of cooperation in implementation of the project Rail Baltica that is signed today.


Lithuania and Poland are cooperating closely to improve communication by roads. Both countries are accelerating modernization of the highway Via Baltica and are going to develop solid road infrastructure in border region by creating more favourable conditions for mobility of labour, goods and services and tourism. For this purpose, it is planned to induce discussions about development of road infrastructure in the Polish and Lithuanian border regions on national and bilateral levels ad to support cooperation between municipalities and local communities in the border regions of both countries. This is certified by the letter of intent on cooperation in improvement of road infrastructure in the border region signed by the Lithuanian and Polish ministers.