Vilnius TV tower is being prepared for the reconstruction

Vilnius TV tower, which was built a little more than four decades ago, has not been overhauled so far. However, it is stated in the report of the examination carried out that major reconstruction of both the main structure of the building and of the networks of the internal infrastructure needs to be done. Today, these matters have been discussed remotely by Marius Skuodis, the Minister of Transport and Communications, with the management of the SC Lithuanian Radio and Television Centre that operates this tower.

This tower is the main facility of the national television and radio broadcasting networks, and the centre of the state and commercial data.

A feasibility study, that was commissioned by the SC Lithuanian Radio and Television Centre (LRTC), has been prepared. This study assesses the current condition of Vilnius TV tower and possible alternatives, such as “simple repairs“, “reconstruction“ or “relocation of operations“. During the feasibility study, good practice from other countries was also analysed. It showed that the reconstruction of the tower would be the most beneficial option. In implementing this alternative, during the period from 2021 to 2024, the LRTC would invest up to 15 million euros in the reconstruction of the tower.

“The TV tower has already become a symbol of Vilnius and of entire Lithuania. A symbol which is associated with the events of 13 January 1991. After the reconstruction, the tower would attract more visitors and city guests. The services that are currently available in the tower could be expanded and new services could be offered. This is the objective that we pose for the company”, - says the Minister M. Skuodis.

After the 4-year reconstruction, Vilnius TV tower would be adapted for people with special needs. The renovation of the January 13th Memorial Museum would be also carried out, and the tower would be equipped with fire service access elevators and fire system, the internal infrastructure networks would be replaced, and the energy infrastructure as well as broadcasting technologies and equipment would be upgraded. There are plans to fit out a terrace on the twentieth floor of the tower and a parking lot next to the tower.

Changes in technology and renovation of the premises would create an opportunity to exploit in a more efficient way about 3,700 square meters of free spaces.

The reconstruction is planned to be implemented in 4 stages. This way, it will be possible to retain visitor flows and maintain the income received. All activities of the tower after the reconstruction are estimated to generate up to 3.7 million euros of income per year.

Recognition of the TV tower reconstruction project as an economic project of national importance also will be sought.

On average more than 120 thousand visitors per year visit the 326-meter-high Vilnius TV tower that was built in 1980. The annual number of visitors is expected to stand at 200 thousand after the reconstruction.

Vilnius TV tower is the tallest building in Lithuania and a structure that is unique in terms of engineering. The tower is included in the Cultural Heritage Register. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Vilnius.