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2010 12 28
Being the first regional country to agree with Russia regarding the permits for carriers, Lithuania proposes to increase the transit via Klaipėda

Lithuanian enterprises carrying passengers and goods to Russia next year will receive more permits for operation in Russian market than this year. Lithuania was the first among the countries of the region to achieve permits for freight transportation to Russia.

2010 12 22
1.4 billion LTL from Cohesion Fund aid has been successfully used for transport projects

The Ministry of Transport and Communications informs that Lithuanian transport infrastructure projects have successfully used 1.4 billion LTL of the EU Cohesion Fund aid allocated for 2000-2006. On 31 December 2010 the official term is ending for project financing of the 2000-2006 period.

2010 12 10
Minister Masiulis says that in two years Lithuanian Post should become a regional enterprise

The year 2010 was critical for the State Enterprise Lithuanian Post, as it lost the former governance. The coming 2011 year should bring better results and then next year should be profitable. The reform of the Lithuanian Post should be finished by the year 2013, when the post market will be liberalised in the European Union. The State intends to allocate up to 110 million LTL for the modernisation of the company.

2010 12 10
In Vilnius, Belorussian Transport Minister Ivan Scherbo confirmed by his signature the establishment of regional partnership

With participation of Lithuanian Transport and Communications Minister Eligijus Masiulis, the Belorussian Minister of Transport Ivan Scherbo signed the Agreement of Northern Dimension Transport and Logistics Partnership Secretariat. This signature enabling the operation of Partnership Secretariat from 1 January 2011 is a successful final result of Lithuanian Presidency in the Partnership Secretariat in the year 2010.

2010 12 07
Countries of the EU Baltic Sea region are improving together the regional transport system

Annual EU Baltic Sea transport strategy progress conference was held In Vilnius. At the conference such issues were discussed as the achievements of the strategy implementation, the progress of regional transport projects, cooperation between countries and new initiatives in transport sector.

2010 12 06
Freight handling proportions at Klaipėda Seaport have increased by 13.6% this year

During the period of January-November of this year at Klaipėda Seaport the amounts of handled maritime cargo reached 28.5 million t (or increased by 13.6%) in comparison with the respective period of the year 2009.

2010 12 03
4G Internet MEZON has won for the Television Centre the award “Made in Lithuania”

JSC Lithuanian Radio and Television Centre (Telecentras) became a prize-winner of the Project “Made in Lithuania”, the award established by the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Finances and the group of “Lietuvos rytas” enterprises. On 2 December the company was awarded for the innovative business solutions in the implementation of new generation mobile connection “WiMAX” technologies and providing 4G Internet MEZON services.

2010 12 03
Issues of bicycle transport promotion were discussed in Vilnius

On 3 December, in the Ministry of Transport and Communications a seminar was held dedicated for the presentation of the PRESTO project (Promoting Cycling for Everyone as a Daily Transport Mode) recommendations for bicycle transport promotion.

2010 12 02
The idea of passenger train Tallinn–Riga–Kaunas–Warsaw has been approved by Brussels

In Brussels, Ministers of the Baltic States together with EC representatives agreed on the necessity of launching the passenger railway route Tallinn–Riga–Kaunas–Warsaw. This idea has been also supported by Poland.

2010 11 26
Cargo from United States will be forwarded to Afghanistan via Klaipėda Seaport

Today Lithuanian Minister of Transport and Communications Eligijus Masiulis together with General Duncan J. McNabb, Commander of US Transportation Command, discussed the future transportation of US military cargo to Afghanistan via the Klaipėda State Seaport.

2010 11 02
The Ministry of Transport and Communications increases the security of air transport passengers’ rights

Regarding the increased frequency of violation of air transport passengers’ rights, the Ministry of Transport and Communications stiffens the passenger rights’ security and initiates relevant amendments of Administrative Code of rights violation. The proposed amendments will be submitted to the Government for consideration in the nearest future.

2010 10 29
Lower speed on highways and main roads, as well as the requirements for winter tyres will apply to drivers in Lithuania from November

The Ministry of Transport and Communications reminds that from November the ban on driving with summer tyres will apply on Lithuanian roads, and speed will have to be lower on highways. More attention for safety should be paid by pedestrians as well – reflecting signs should be worn by pedestrins during the dark period of day.

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