Transport, Telecommunications and Energy (TTE) Council

In the field of transport  the Council, together with the European Parliament, is responsible for adoption of legislation within the framework of a common transport policy, such as common rules for international transport, conditions for transport operators, and measures to improve passenger rights and transport safety. One of the key aims is to put into place sustainable transport systems with low energy consumption and improved mobility for users through a better transportation timing and routes.

In terms of telecommunications, the Council, together with the European Parliament, is responsible for adopting legislation and guidelines on telecommunications networks and their interoperability. The EU's policy also aims to improve competition, cyber security and innovation in the telecommunications sector.

Transport ministers usually meet 4 times a year for the TTE Council meetings,  while telecommunications ministers meet twice a year. TTE Council meetings on transport and telecommunications are attended by the Minister of Transport and Communications or the Republic of Lithuania.

Representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications participate in 9  Council Working Parties on Land Transport, Intermodal Questions and Networks, Shipping, IMO, Aviation, Integrated Maritime Policy, Telecommunications and Information Society,  Postal Services and Recreational crafts.

The decision-making process in the Council:

Last updated: 18-11-2023