2019 05 14
Long-term Lithuania’s vision for transport and communications will be defined by a new development strategy until 2050

In order to provide optimum long-term directions and priorities for the development of the sector, the Ministry of Transport and Communications initiates the strategy for the development of Lithuanian transport and communications until 2050. Various possible scenarios for the development will...

2019 05 07
Co-investment Fund of 5 million euros for starts-up in the sector of transport and communications

The sector of transport and communications opens new opportunities for the starts-up of the sector of transport and communications – small and medium-sized enterprises. The fund of 5 million euros was established that has an objective to induce the enterprises to create mobility services and products, intellectual transport...

2019 04 30
R. Masiulis: Lithuanian and American cooperation in the transport area is mutually beneficial

Mr. Rokas Masiulis, Minister of Transport and Communications, is on work trip to the United States of America (USA), where he discussed the situation of cyber security in strategical companies and relevant issues of military mobility in the region with the representatives and experts from the State Department and the National...

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