2017 09 21
Lithuania calls on to launch direct flights to all EU capital cities by 2020

„Good air connectivity is vital for the economic growth, business development, mobility and tourism. Successful European integration would be hardly possible without reliable and well-functioning airlines operating in the European Union as well as third countries. Lithuania calls on to achieve a feasible target – to launch direct flights between all...

2017 09 18
Lithuania suggested Turkey joining the international “Viking Train” project

The increasing volume of carriage of goods between Lithuania and Turkey, the necessity to solve the problems that are relevant to carriers and to more efficiently use the opportunities provided by the container train “Viking” project – these were among the major issues of road transport discussed at the meeting of the Lithuanian-Turkish joint...

2017 09 18
Lithuania and the Czech Republic to strengthen partnership in the field of road transport

Lithuania’s carriers receive good news from the Czech Republic. A bilateral meeting of road transport experts held in Prague resulted in the agreement that Lithuania’s carriers would be additionally issued 200 authorisations for the transport of goods to/from third countries by the Czech Republic in 2017. Both parties also reached a...

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