Establishing Public Logistics Centres. Assitance from Cohesion fund - EUR 63,5 mln.

Necessary infrastructure for logistics centres is going to be developed. The assistance from EU structural funds will be used to build accessible railways and roads, truck parking and other objects of infrastructure. Establishment of public logistics centres is one of the most ambitions transport projects in Lithuania. It’s implementation will guarantee effective interaction between different means of transport in European transport corridors, decrease traffic in highways and reduce traffic jams on the streets. It will also provide better opportunities to foreign investors. These projects, European railway track “Rail Baltica” and container train “Vikingas”, that provides good opportunities for cargo transportation, will improve the flow of cargo in East-West and North-South directions.

Vilnius PLC:
  • Establishers: JSC “Lithuanian Railways” and Vilnius City Municipality;
  • Total area of lad plot – 460 ha;
  • Will be situated next to the largest distribution railway station in Vaidotai;
  • Vilnius external southern bypass will be constructed nearby;
  • Will be situated next to international transport corridor IXB.
Kaunas PLC:
  • Establisher: JSC “Lithuanian railways”;
  • Will be situated near Palemonas railway yard, Kaunas international airport, Kaunas Free Economic Zone and important international transport corridors I and IX;
  • Will become an important link in road, railway and aviation system that is going to be a part of European transport network.
Šiauliai PLC:
  • Establisher: Šiauliai City Municipality;
  • Will be developed in Šiauliai Industrial Park (total area 218 ha), next to international corridor I, branch IA;
  • Will be situated close to Šiauliai Airport;
  • Will ensure a synergetic connection between railway, aviation and industrial park that is situated nearby.

Last updated: 18-11-2023