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The lists of streets to be repaired are compiled taking into account the requests of residents, public transport companies, the Police requests, as well as the streets of supervising companies and municipalities specialist assessments.  For each of them, the appropriate repair method is selected according to the condition of the asphalt pavement and other aspects:

  • the pits can simply be filled with asphalt (often before they are milled).
  • The road can be completely repaved, the pavement repaired by hot or cold regeneration methods, or the ruts simply repaired by milling them off.
  • During the cold season (December-April), only emergency pits (deeper than 5 cm) are repaired with “cold” or recycled asphalt.
  • During the warm season, major street repairs are carried out.

Priority will be given to repair those streets that are mostly used by public transport and other light vehicles during the day, where there is a lot of damage and repairable areas, and where the road section has the most ruts and unevenness.

It is also taken into account whether the repairs are continuous and whether the street is representative.