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2022 01 24
Lithuania will request nearly EUR 687 million to continue the construction of Rail Baltica

Lithuania, together with Latvia, Estonia and the joint venture between the Baltic States RB Rail AS, submitted applications for additional EU funding for the European gauge railway development project Rail Baltica. The total EU funding needs of the three Baltic States in the application amount to almost EUR 1.5 billion, of which ...

2022 01 20
The Ministry of Transport and Communications aims at ensuring 5G accessibility in transport corridors Via Baltica and Rail Baltica

For Lithuania to join the global network of future communication, it is extremely important to ensure that 5G connection is available in TEN-T auto and rail transport corridors crossing the country. The Ministry of Transport and Communications initiated a meeting of representatives ...

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2022 01 18
Lithuanian electric bus transports passengers at Vilnius Airport

The prototype electric bus Dancer developed and manufactured in Lithuania is being tested for passenger transportation at Vilnius Airport. The prototype of a fully environmentally friendly vehicle, adapting the latest scientific discoveries, is being developed by a subsidiary of the Vėjo Projektai group, Elektrinio transporto sistemos, which is implementing a ...

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