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2021 09 23
M. Skuodis at the informal council of ministers: suggestions to abandon internal combustion engines still lack arguments and preparation

Minister Skuodis says that it is important to include a branch line to Klaipėda in the plans of the TEN-T and all considerations regarding prohibition of vehicles powered by traditional internal combustion engines should be based on strong arguments and facts.

2021 09 23
A. Vaiciukevičiūtė at the informal meeting of transport and energy ministers: Lithuania aims to have one in five vehicles in the country to be electricity-powered

Lithuania will seek to have no less than one fifth of the country’s vehicle fleet to consist of electric vehicles by 2030 – the necessary infrastructure will be expanded, incentives for electric vehicle purchases will be implemented, the ...

2021 09 22
The European Commission and Baltic trains meet in Kaunas for the first time

As part of the celebration of the European Year of Rail 2021 the European Commission (EC) train that pulled out of Lisbon and travelled across Europe and the Baltic Express meet in Kaunas. The meeting of these trains, arriving on different gauges, marks the future of train travel for passengers and businesses alike. 

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