As the Ministry of Transport and Communications coordinates the logistics of assistance to Ukraine, 80 trucks of aid have been sent within two months


2022 04 29

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Ukraine, facing Russian military aggression, is continuously receiving medical and humanitarian aid from Lithuania. According to the Ministry of Transport and Communications, which organises and coordinates the logistics of this assistance, during the two months of this war, 80 trucks of aid were sent to Ukraine and other logistics centres established in neighbouring countries.


“The desire to help the Ukrainian people in a particularly difficult situation has united various Lithuanian institutions, charities, businesses and residents, working together to provide assistance to Ukraine. We strive to organise both Lithuanian and international logistics and deliver assistance to Ukraine in the most efficient way,” says Ramūnas Dilba, Chancellor of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.


Aid from Lithuania is being sent to Ukraine since the first days of the war that began on 24 February. To date, about half of the transferred support consisted of various medical humanitarian aid packages provided by the Ministry of Health and delivered in line with the needs identified by the European Union’s Emergency Response Coordination Centre. 40 trucks were required to carry these packages.


Food assistance to Ukraine was provided by Maisto bankas — these products filled 21 trucks.


11 trucks were also sent to Ukraine with various humanitarian aid packages — food, clothing, various technical and medical equipment. This charity was organised by the Ministry of Energy, municipalities of Palanga, Molėtai, Vilnius and Kaunas, Central Project Management Agency, private companies, etc.


In addition, 4 trucks of goods from the Lithuanian Red Cross and 2 trucks of goods from Carito, one truck of aid from the public institution Blue/Yellow, as well as one truck with chemical water purification products provided by the Lithuanian Water Suppliers Association were sent.


“Non-governmental organisations, individual people make a significant contribution to assisting Ukraine. The Ministry of Transport and Communications coordinated the transport of humanitarian aid collected by the Lithuanian Red Cross from Lithuania to warehouses in Poland, Lublin, and along the Polish-Ukrainian border. We ensured that all trucks ordered by LINAVA carriers would not be subjected to a toll, and we also looked for warehouses where support would be accepted when it was refused by the main warehouses in Poland. In total, we coordinated the transportation of 34 such trucks,” says R. Dilba, Chancellor of the Ministry, about the organisation of logistics.


Assistance is also organised for Ukrainian people fleeing the war to come to Lithuania. One of the largest passenger carriers in the country, UAB Kautra, working with the national volunteer coordination centre Strong Together, is transporting war refugees from the Polish-Ukrainian border to Lithuania. This aid is funded by Strong Together. Since 1 March, 89 bus trips have been made from Ukraine and about 4,300 refugees have been transported.


While continuing to coordinate the logistics of assistance to Ukraine, the Ministry of Transport and Communications invites all those wishing to contribute to mobilise and exchange information on the website Here you can upload your announcement of the possibility of transporting aid to Ukraine from supporting companies and individuals, and find the necessary transport and contact persons and companies carrying the aid.