Bicycles collected during the campaign #DviratisUkrainai are on their way to Ukraine


2023 05 19

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The bicycles collected during the #DviratisUkrainai campaign initiated by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, as planned, this May left for Ukraine – today, with the help of the logistics company “Vlantana”, they were loaded onto lorries and began a journey through Europe. At the beginning of this year, Lithuanian residents, business representatives and institutions donated as many as 491 bicycles to the people of Ukraine.

In addition to the nearly 500 adult and kids’ bicycles donated, roughly 400 helmets, 300+ reflective vests, 100 bicycle lights, 1,800+ reflectors, and dozens of bells, mobile phone holders, tyres and pumps were collected as well.

“We would like to thank everyone who helped us collect almost 500 bicycles for Ukrainian people, as well as the other items necessary for safe and comfortable travel. Every donation is important because now that the occupiers have destroyed so many of Ukraine’s roads and streets, bikes have become one of the most effective means of transportation for getting to the surrounding settlements and humanitarian aid locations,” says Ramūnas Dilba, Chancellor of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Lithuania.

The bicycles and equipment collected during the #DviratisUkrainai campaign set out towards Ukraine after loading them into several trucks. The partners of the Ministry of Transport and Communications – Ukrainian NGO Forza and Kyiv Cyclists' Association – will ensure that the bicycles donated by Lithuanians reach residents in various Ukrainian cities and their districts, where they are needed the most.

During the campaign, bicycles could be donated at 25 collection points throughout Lithuania. The most active were residents of the major cities – Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda – who donated about half of all bicycles collected.

The bicycles were brought in from all collection points around Lithuania to the major cities. A sticker with the campaign logo and the slogan “With love from Lithuania” was put on each bicycle. 

The #DviratisUkrainai campaign was organised with the help from: Lithuanian logistics company Vlantana, NGO Blue/Yellow, AB Kelių Priežiūra, Association of Lithuanian Cyclists, Vilnius City Municipality, Lithuanian Railways, VšĮ Transporto kompetencijų agentūra, Klaipėda State Seaport Authority, Lithuanian Airports.

Since the beginning of Russia’s war on Ukraine, the Ministry of Transport and Communications has been organising and coordinating the logistics of humanitarian aid to Ukraine from Lithuanian citizens.

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