#DviratisUkrainai: the Ministry of Transport and Communications invites to donate bicycles to Ukrainians


2023 01 17


The Ministry of Transport and Communications is launching a kindness campaign #DviratisUkrainai — from 17 January to 11 March, all the residents of Lithuania are invited to donate new and used bicycles (without major defects) for both adults and children to the people of Ukraine. Ukrainians also need bicycle accessories and other parts — helmets, vests, reflectors, lights and trunks.

During this kindness campaign, bicycles will be collected throughout Lithuania and will be sent to Ukraine in spring. The initiative brings together the largest Lithuanian transport sector companies and social partners with the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Bicycles will be accepted at 25 collection points throughout the country. Their list and contacts can be found here.

Due to the Russian war in Ukraine, a significant part of the transport infrastructure in Ukraine has been destroyed. In many places, there is no adequate infrastructure for cars and public transport vehicles, part of public transport has been handed over to other regions of Ukraine, organising the evacuation of people.

“In ruined cities, towns and villages, bicycles are becoming a salvation for Ukrainians: they do not require special infrastructure and fuel, the shortage of which is felt in Ukraine. In addition, bicycles can be used almost all year round.

Bicycles help Ukrainians become more mobile, especially in rural areas, therefore, during this campaign, we would like to collect as many bicycles as possible throughout Lithuania for both children and adults,” says Minister of Transport and Communications Marius Skuodis.

Bicycles are essential for Ukrainian people to reach the surrounding settlements for food or water, medical assistance, they are convenient to reach public places, as well as to provide the necessary humanitarian assistance.
The bicycles collected during the #DviratisUkrainai campaign will reach residents of various Ukrainian cities and their districts in spring.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications is also cooperating with non-governmental organisations active in Europe and their campaigns BikesForUkraine and Bikes4Ukraine. Both organisations, together with other non-governmental organisations operating in Ukraine, are responsible for the supply of bicycles to Ukraine and for them reaching reliable hands. Such successful bicycle campaigns have already taken place in Denmark and the Netherlands.

In cooperation with Ukrainian non-governmental organisations, the Ministry of Transport and Communications has established a logistics route from Lithuania to Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war caused by Russia, the Ministry organises and coordinates the continuous logistics of assistance measures for Ukraine from Lithuania. Currently, there are mainly electric generators, food and medicines being transported.

The locations where bicycles and their parts will be accepted can be found in the table. If you cannot find a convenient location in the list of collection points or have other questions or suggestions, please contact us by e-mail [email protected]

Business representatives are also welcome to participate in the kindness campaign #DviratisUkrainai.