Information on all electric vehicle charging stations – in a single database


2021 06 23

Electric car.jpg

As of 1 July, the Lithuanian Road Administration is to launch registration of public electric cars charging points operators and charging points operated by them. Later on, this information is to be published on the Lithuanian Road Administration website and in a mobile application. By 1 January 2022, the Administration plans to collect all necessary data and to develop a system of all public electric cars charging points operators and charging points, which will contain information on all charging points in Lithuania.

A fully functional database to be launched in January next year will provide information on the exact address, working hours, and status of a charging point. The users will be able to check if a charging point is functional or busy at the time they wish to use it. Besides, the database will include information on different charging options, such as charging capacity, standards and point connection types. The system will provide details on payment types and applicable charging prices.  

The Road Administration is to develop this database under a project ‘ID and Data Collection for Sustainable Fuels in Europe’. 

This project is designed to develop a register of common, European-wide ID codes for electric transport infrastructure. Each electric cars charging point operator will be assigned a unique ID code upon providing data on charging points operated by such operator. Those planning to provide similar services in the future will have to register in the system and also have their charging points assigned unique ID codes. This database will be available for users from other European countries too. 

Information by the State Enterprise Lithuanian Road Administration.