New air carrier to start operating in Lithuania


2022 01 14

Lietuvos oro uostai_3.jpg

Jump Air, a new locally registered air carrier, is to start its operations in Lithuania soon. This Italian share capital company plans to cover airspaces of Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and the Caribbean.

“New air carriers open up new possibilities for jobs and cooperation between businesses, travel agencies, as well as new travelling options for passengers. We are extending our warm welcome to this company in Lithuania,” commented Julius Skačkauskas, Vice Minister of Transport and Communications.

Italian shareholders of Jump Air UAB own and manage companies that carry out aircraft maintenance and other aviation activities in Europe, Africa and Asia. This company has been recognised by Italian supervisory authorities as suited for the performance of airworthiness management tasks. Vilnius-based legal, financial and operational centre of the new company employs Lithuanian experts who engage in activity organisation, development and daily maintenance tasks.

Jump Air, which was registered in Lithuania in January 2020, plans to operate charter flights and provide wet leasing services. The company is also open to cooperation with Lithuanian travel agencies.

At the end of December 2021, Jump Air received an air carrier’s certificate. The company has already applied to the Lithuanian transport safety administration for licence. Upon complying with all the requirements and obtaining its licence, Jump Air will be ready to fly.