New SE Oro navigacija CEO appointed


2021 07 27

susisiekimo ministras_Oro navigacijos vadovas.jpg

Oro navigacija, state enterprise providing air traffic control services in Lithuanian airspace, has a newly appointed CEO. Saulius Batavičius, having considerable aviation sector management experience, was chosen and appointed as a CEO by Minister Marius Skuodis following the selection held by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.


The search for a new Oro navigacija CEO had started after recalling former CEO in January. The Ministry then announced a competition for a CEO function. 16 candidates participated in the selection procedure.


“I am happy that SE Oro navigacija is to be managed by a highly experienced aviation professional. I wish to the new CEO smooth integration into the company’s life, success in ensuring continuity and, at the same time, courage in battling challenges and exploring new possibilities in providing air navigation services, strengthening the team and employee engagement,” Minister of Transport and Communications Skuodis said. 


Saulius Batavičius, the new CEO, had been head of the aircraft ground handling operations and customer service company Litcargus for six years and for seven years before that – head of the aircraft ground handling company Baltic Ground Services. As of June 2020 until now, he had been director of Power Laboratory, a company providing business development and strategic marketing services.


“My goal is to ensure that the company meets its founder’s expectations. As CEO I intend to follow the principles of the best corporate management practice. I will strive for directing the team’s efforts and engagement towards the set goals, which involve service security and quality improvement, environmental protection policy development and promoting innovations. Together as a team and with the help of other aviation sector companies we will work hard to ensure even higher Lithuanian aviation competitiveness in the region and in Europe,” the new CEO stated.


Batavičius is to commence his work in the company as of 2 August.


Oro navigacija is the only company in Lithuania that provides air traffic, communications, navigation and surveillance services as well as aeronautical information services to aircraft crossing Lithuanian airspace. The company currently employs 300 members of staff.