New transport innovation arrives in Lithuania: autonomous delivery cars to circulate in Vilnius


2022 08 26

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The innovative and environmentally friendly technology of autonomous (self-driving) cars has reached the Lithuanian market, introduced by the Ministry of Transport and Communications together with Clevon, an Estonian technology company. The first demo trip of the innovative delivery car in the centre of Vilnius will take place next Friday, on 2 September. The autonomous courier will travel from the Ministry of Transport and Communications to the exteriors of the Cathedral Square.

“The development of autonomous vehicles is gaining momentum. I am pleased that this autonomous robot will circulate Lithuanian streets not for testing, but for work, which is food delivery. Such innovation can be adapted to many uses and has high potential both in the services sector and various industries,” says Minister of Transport and Communications Marius Skuodis.

The Minister believes that the new mode of transport introduced in the capital could also become an impetus for creating a 5G sandbox ecosystem in Lithuania.

Clevon has been developing the technology of autonomous delivery for six years and has tested it not only in Estonia, but also in the Netherlands, Germany and France. In the past two years, autonomous couriers have become a common part of everyday traffic in the Estonian city of Viljandi. Self-driving cars are also circulating in the capital Tallinn.

“Lithuania is one of the first to start applying this model, even on a global scale. We see Lithuania as a country ready to accept innovations and, in some aspects of technology implementation, as the most developed among the Baltic States,” says Sander Sebastian Agur, CEO of Clevon.

Mr. Agur emphasises that the safety of autonomous transport is the main priority for Clevon. The technology which collects real-time data, and algorithms choose the most optimal route before the autonomous car begins its trip. As the vehicle drives, its system identifies the dynamic environment surrounding the car, the current situation and traffic, predicts the movement of surrounding objects, e.g., pedestrians.                           

The third-generation autonomous car CLEVON 1 is 1.6 m high and 1.1 wide. A fully charged battery enables the vehicle to drive 100 km. This robot can transport cargo of up to 150 kg.

Implementation of home delivery using autonomous cars in Vilnius will start in September.