Tomas Lamanauskas nominated as a candidate for a high position in the International Telecommunications Union


2021 05 05


The Ministry of Transport and Communications proposed to nominate Tomas Lamanauskas, former Deputy Director of the Communications Regulatory Authority (RRT), as a candidate for a position of a Deputy-Secretary-General of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for a term of 2023–2026. The proposal is to be discussed during the Government’s meeting on Wednesday.

Founded in 1865, the International Telecommunications Union is one of the oldest specialized agencies of the United Nations operating in the area of telecommunications, information and communication technologies and facilitating the development of telecommunications sectors worldwide. Lithuania is among other 193 countries and over 800 private sector and academic community organisations belonging to the ITU.

Tomas Lamanauskas has over 20 years of international experience in structuring the policy of the information and communication technology (ICT) sector. He was the head of the ITU’s Corporate Strategy Division, while his current functions involve acting as a special advisor on crisis strategy (on COVID-19 matters) and partnership initiatives. Tomas Lamanauskas’s experience also includes working as a Deputy General Director of the Kingdom of Bahrain Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, CEO and Board member of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of the British Virgin Islands followed by the ICT Policy Advisor at the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer of Vanuatu.

Lithuania is a world leader in terms of fibre access network and internet speed. Actively engaged in the ITU’s activities, Lithuania has an excellent chance to present its achievements in the area of telecommunications. Lithuanian membership in this organisation is also beneficial to the private sector, which has possibilities to develop business abroad and improve its profile in the markets of foreign (especially developing) countries.