Transport ministers and representatives of 27 countries adopt a joint statement on the reconstruction of Ukraine


2023 03 31

Marek Maśniak Poland-Ukraine border.jpg

Participating in a High-level Dialogue organised by the International Transport Forum (ITF) and the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure in the city of Rzeszów, Minister of Transport and Communications Marius Skuodis, along with the ministers of Poland, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Czech Republic and other countries, presented a joint statement of 27 countries regarding the reconstruction of Ukraine’s transport infrastructure.

The joint statement expressed the countries’ strong backing and support for Ukraine, reaffirming their will to continue the development of European transport corridors and Solidarity Lanes. The countries agreed to continue concentrating their efforts in supporting Ukraine’s development and the reconstruction of its transport infrastructure.

“The review and update of the Trans-European Transport Network provides an opportunity to develop additional transport links in the north-south direction from the Baltic Sea right to the Black Sea and the Aegean. Only through close cooperation can we help Ukraine, while also successfully develop key infrastructure projects. Rail Baltica, Via Baltica and Via Carpatia will not only have a huge impact on Lithuania – they will fundamentally change connectivity throughout the region and open up new opportunities for freight transportation with Ukraine,” stressed Minister Skuodis when presenting this joint statement at the press conference of the ministers.

During the ministerial discussions and meetings in Rzeszów, it was noted that the reconstruction of Ukraine’s infrastructure will require solutions based on a very close dialogue between states, international institutions and the private sector. The ITF is expected to produce an analysis that will define the most efficient and effective ways to rebuild Ukraine’s transport systems and restore its connectivity.

Lithuania, Poland, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and other countries also called on the ITF countries to promote the development of key transport infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe, and to strengthen the resilience of their transport and communication systems and supply chains.

According to Minister Skuodis, both Lithuania and Poland are actively seeking further additional European support for military mobility projects, and are cooperating with Ukraine in organising alternative transportation routes. Both countries intend to further develop the road link through the Ogrodniki-Lazdijai border crossing, and the possibility of supplementing the Baltic-Black-Adriatic Sea corridor with a link to Ukraine via Lutsk-Dorohusk is also being considered. 

In addition, a general list of projects expanding the transport corridor to Ukraine is being coordinated, and it there are plans to jointly apply for financial support for the implementation of these projects from the financial instruments of the European Union.

In Poland on Thursday, Lithuania and Ukraine also signed a memorandum of cooperation for connecting Ukraine and the seaports of the Baltic States by road and by European standard-gauge railway.

Photo by: Marek Maśniak